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There are 4 basic Unicode fonts that support the Vietnamese characters: Times New Roman, Tahoma, Arial and Verdana. In this web site, we mostly use Times New Roman for all pages, and sometimes Tahoma font for the page's title.

1) For Windows98-SE, WindowsMe, Windows2000, or WindowsNT (1999 or newer) Unicode fonts were already included with your Operating System, so you can skip step 2.

2) If your PC runs Windows 98 or 95, you need to download new Unicode fonts, click on Font Name below to download and choose "Save to disk"):

After downloading, find those .EXE files in your hard drive (ie: times32.exe for Times New Roman) and double-click on those filenames to add these fonts to your system (the old fonts will be replaced by these new fonts). You may need to restart Windows after adding fonts.

3) Adjust your Web Browser to read Unicode: 

    * For Internet Explorer (IE) :

    a) IE 4.x: On your browser menu, click VIEW --> FONTS --> and select: Universal Alphabet (UTF-8)

    b) IE 5.x: On your browser menu, click VIEW --> ENCODING --> MORE --> and select: Unicode (UTF-8)

    * For Netscape 4.7:

    a) On your browser menu, click EDIT --> PREFERENCES --> APPEARANCE -->FONTS --> Use document-specified fonts

     b) On your browser menu, click VIEW --> ENCODING (or Character Set) --> Unicode (UTF-8)

4) How to print these Unicode web pages:

    * Some new printers are able to print Unicode page without any additional setup.

    * For some older printers, when printing out hard copies of these web pages, the vietnamese characters may not be printed correctly.
Reason: Your printer normally uses the resident fonts(in the printer) to print (The font Arial in your printer does not already have all the extra characters for vietnamese).
How to fix?: Tell your printer to use (download) True Type Fonts to the printer every time it prints. To do this, go to Start -> Setting -> Printers and click on the name of the printer you are using. While this printer name is highlighted, go to File and select Properties, then select the Fonts tab, select the button in front of "Always use True Type Fonts" then click the "OK" button. Close the Printers windows and you are ready to test print these web page.

    * If after setup, your printer still cannot print Unicode correctly, do the following:

        - Copy what you want to print from that web page (Highlight, <Ctrl> c)

        - Paste into MS Word (open new page in Word, <Ctrl> v)

        - Print that page from Word.

- us if you need further assistance.


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