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July 30, 2004
Harnessing Lunar Energy
Full Moon Rituals

The moon has always played an important part in ancient spiritual practices. Since the beginning of time, people have recognized lunar power, which is where the term, "lunacy" comes from. Even today there is much speculation as to the affects of the moon's phases, particularly the full moon, on our moods and behavior. The belief behind full moon rituals is to harness lunar power to the benefit of oneself and others.

Ceremonies performed at this phase of the moon are meant for empowerment, as well to manifest positive changes. The full moon appears once every 29.53 days, therefore rituals can be performed almost every month, sometimes even twice a month. And, you need not be outside or even see the full moon to reap its powerful benefits.

There are many full moon rituals, some more complex than others, involving magical tools and enhancements. Yet, many are quite simple, including a moon bask which is just that, basking in the full moonlight and meditating. You can do the ritual standing, sitting, or laying on the ground, or even indoors if it's more practical. Just stand by a large window, open if possible, and meditate on that which would enhance your life.

One well-known ceremony is "Drawing Down the Moon," to connect with the power and wisdom of the full moon. In Wicca traditions, a priestess performs the ceremony in order for her to become the living embodiment of the mood goddess. There are also rituals where all participants "draw down the moon" to evoke the deity of the moon within themselves.

For a healing ritual, Selena Fox, of the Circle Craft tradition, offers this Moon Mirror Healing. Place a silvered mirror face up on an altar or sacred place so that the light of the full moon shines upon it. Place a symbol to represent the one seeking healing in the center of the mirror. The symbol may be a photo, piece of jewelry, lock of hair, or simply a name on a card. Use the symbol on the mirror in the moonlight as a focal point as you imagine that the one needing healing is becoming well and then healthy. After the ritual, deliver the symbol to the subject of the healing rite as an additional way of transmitting healing. Cleanse the mirror you used by washing it with a mugwort solution or passing it through the smoke from mugwort or another incense. In this way, the mirror will be ready for use for another healing.

Whether you perform simple or elaborate full moon rituals, or just enjoy the beauty of the full moon, you're participating in a long tradition of showing appreciation for a powerful source of illumination.

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