August 23, 2005

Several of our members made a visit to Mr. Joe's house in Leominster last weekend. As many of us know that Mr. Joe is a good-hearted, wonderful American who has brought over 100 children from Vietnam to the US for medical treatment in the past 9 years.

Mr. Joe has offered so much help and support to these children and has sacrified his own money, time and energy in order to save these children. He is currently 77 years old and is currently taking care of 8 children in Leominster, Ma. Due to tremedous expenses in caring for the children, he has sold his own house and moved to an apartment. Mr. Joe rents two other apartments nearby for the kids. He has worked so hard for the kids and forgot his own retirement.

Here is Mr. Joe Web site.

Beside arranging medical care, Mr. Joe drives the kids to the Shriner's Hospitals weekly, one in Boston (Burn center) and one in Springfield, MA (Polio treatment). He provides housing for the kids, cook for them, arrange schools, take them to the dentists, help to solve their emotional problem. He has been doing all these hard works in the past 9 years.

Here is the link to the some photos and articles of Mr. Joe and the kids.

Mr. Joe is getting old and has back pain problem, he and his kids badly needs our help. During our visit, we donated $500 from Love Without Border's fund to him. After the fund raising concert, we hope to donate more money to him. Each month, Mr. Joe has to pay over $2000 just for the rent, plus heat, water, gas, meals, clothing, medical expenses. He spends an average $5,000 to $7,000 a month on the kids. At one point, he brought over as many as 15 kids, many of them could not walk due to Polio, some were without arms, some were badly burned, some walk with their arms. Mr. Joe has a profile of all the kids with details photos in his apartment.

We are planning for a food drive to Mr. Joe soon, the date has not been decided yet. Perhaps during the week of September 3 or 4. Here are some of the items we could provide:

- Canned food such as chiken soup, bean...etc.
- Chiken, meat, fish ...etc
- Rice, noodles...
- Vegetables, fruits...
- Frozen food that are ready-served. Since Mr. Joe is very busy, he can not cook all the time. It would be great if we could cook some food that can be frozen and served in a Microwave.

Mr. Joe has a back pain problem, if anyone could give him a massage on a frequent schedule, that would be great!

I have invited Mr. Joe and all his children to come to the Fund raising concert on Saturday August 27. That will be a great opportunity for many of us to meet him and kids in person. Here is the link to the Concert info.

Depends on the outcome of the concert, we hope to continue our fund raising effort in order to help Mr. Joe and his kids on a monthly basis. If you have any ideas or would like to help out, please let me or Ngan know. We will plan more events.

Beside financial help, Mr. Joe really needs our help on the day-to-day tasks, such as:

- Driving the kids to the Shirner's hospital in Boston and Springfield
- Cooking meals for the kids
- Helping them with learning Vietnamese and English
- Taking them out with your family to picnic or any event as the kids are very lonely in the US.
- Arranging special needs such as dentals, or when they are sick

If you or someone you know would like to help out with any of the above items, please let me know. Once we have decided the food drive date, I'll make an announcement.

Thank you very much for all your help and support! I hope with all our love, we could make the lives of these children happier.

Charles Dao

Other news:

09-25-2005   Mr. Joe's child has an emergency surgery


Update of TLBT:

Sep-25-2005, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $4,000 USD (check # 1548) to Child Medical Connection, Inc. to help Mr. Joe and his kids.

Oct-24-2009, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $200 USD (check # 1743) (>>> Receipt)

Apr-01-2010, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $500 USD (check # 2008) (>>> Receipt)

May-21-2010, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $200 USD (check # 2011) (>>> Receipt)

Aug-15-2010, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $300 USD (check # 2020) (>>> Receipt)

Dec-13-2010, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $300 USD (check # 2033) (>>> Receipt)

Feb-18-2011, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $300 USD (check # 2041) (>>> Receipt)

Apr-22-2011, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $300 USD (check # 2044) (>>> Receipt)

Jan-20-2012, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $200 USD (check # 2058) (>>> Receipt)

Aug-22-2012, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $200 USD (check # 2069) (>>> Receipt)

Sep-24-2012, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $200 USD (check # 2074) (>>> Receipt)

Nov-18-2012, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $500 USD (check # 2083) (>>> Receipt)

Dec-27-2012, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $200 USD (check # 2088) (>>> Receipt)

Jul-13-2013, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $200 USD (check # 2114) (>>> Receipt)

Jan-18-2014, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT sent $200 USD (check # 2139) (>>> Receipt)