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Dear friends,
Upon the request of HT Cau Nguyen, I send you the translation of Ngu Gioi Cam.
Please feel free to contact me for any question.
Hum Bui, MD

The Year of the Earth Dragon (1928)
Children, your Master proclaims:

I have told you that when there was nothing in this universe, the cosmic ether gave birth only to Me, and My throne is the universal monad. I divided the monad into the diad which is Yin and Yang and then into the tetrad and then into the eight trigrams. The latter changes continuously to form the universe. I then divided My spirit to create ten thousands things that consist of materials, plants, insects, and animals called living beings.  You should understand that everything comes from My spirit.  Wherever there is life, there I am.  I am the father of life.  My love of life is unfathomable. Life is for all living beings. I distribute life everywhere in the universe. Life grows
like a flower on a tree.  It takes time to develop, to bloom, and to form fruit that we can use to grow another tree and so on. If someone cuts that flower, the life of that flower is interrupted and its further evolution is prevented.  Each life has its own Karma. It does not matter whether it is an original or secondary living being,* its life on this earth is already predetermined.  If you kill any living being, you are to be punished because no one knows whether that living being may have been an immortal or a buddha reincarnated to earth.  As I said, life is Me. To destroy life is to attempt to destroy Me. And it is not  easy to destroy Me.  Teach that to human beings.
I take My leave

* Original living being: living being whose spirit is directly coming from God's spirit.
Secondary living being: living being whose spirit is coming from the original living being. The original living being may divide his/her spirit to form many living beings who are called secondary living beings.

TNHT 1972 p. 170

The Year of the Earth Dragon (1928)
Children, your Master proclaims:


Alas! When I gave birth to you, I loved and respected you profoundly, and I sent you to this world with a sacred body made exactly in My image, so that you did not need to eat in order to live, or to make clothes to cover yourself.
However, you did not listen to Me and were seduced by materials, good foods, sex, power, and wealth which ultimately lead to suffering in this world.  I reserved enough wealth for all of you to share, but because of greed, some of you received much, while others suffer hunger.  I granted the same powers to you that I granted to the Genies, Saints, Immortals, and Buddhas so that you can discipline each other to respect and honor My saintly love of life. Unfortunately, these powers have become a tool to treat people as slaves. Alas! What a tragedy! I am so disappointed! Do you
know why all people become so dishonest and greedy? The principal needs of people are food and clothing--no one can avoid those needs.  Unfortunately, many people want to have an exclusive power of distributing foods and clothes.  How do they acquire those powers? People use all manner of wicked tricks to get as much powers and wealth as possible.  Society is therefore
becoming chaotic with struggle and fighting to acquire things.  The stronger acquires everything, the weaker loses everything.  There is no justice this way. God's law is not observed anymore.  This is the cause of all suffering on earth.  
When dishonesty and greed penetrate your heart, there will be no more virtue. When they penetrate your home, there will be no more right teachings.  When they penetrate your country,
there will be no more right administration. When they penetrate the world, there will be no more
Genies and Saints.  
Needless to say, dishonesty and greed can make you commit sins and crimes.  Therefore, dishonesty and greed are severe crimes.
I take My leave.

TNHT 1972 p. 171

Year of the Earth Dragon (1928)
Children, your Master proclaims:
Why is obscenity a severe crime?
Ordinary people see the physical body as a single unit. In reality, it is a mass of  innumerable living parts. These living parts are assembled to form a body with a divine personality.  This body is nourished with other living beings such as vegetables, plants, fruits, rice--all of which are fresh and contain vital matter (because all these foods are living beings). If these foods did not contain fresh, vital matter, they would certainly simply wither and die.  Thus, you would never eat things whose nutrients are already wasted. Cooking simply disinfects foods.  The nutritional energy of these foods does not die after being cooked.*  Foods are then transformed in your gastrointestinal system into "Khi" (vital energy), and then into blood.  Of course, you all know that there is spiritual energy in "Khi" and in blood.  It is transformed into a human body as a result of the cycle  of death and birth.  Therefore, even a drop of blood has a certain amount of spiritual energy.  Since  sexual "Tinh" (lifematter) is composed partly of blood and partly of "Khi," excessive sexual activity thus causes an unnecessary waste of Tinh and therefore of spiritual energy. After your death, you will be confronted with and judged by this spiritual energy, and the manner in which you wasted it, at the "Nghiet Canh Dai."** You will not be able to deny how you wasted your spirit.  So, you should observe this precept closely.
I take My leave.

*  Foods change only in form during the process of digestion and absorption.  Foods do not die after being cooked or digested because they constitute elements comprised of atoms.  Atoms are not destroyed--they only change their arrangement, form and purpose.
** "Nghiet Canh Dai" is a place in the spiritual world where the spirits, after the death of their physical body, will see all the good and bad deeds that they has done during their physical lifetime.

TNHT 1972 p. 172

January 18, 1927. Year of the Fire Tiger.


Why abstain from alcohol?
I have taught that your body is composed of a mass of everlasting spirits. You should understand that the internal organs of your body are also formed by living units whose function, whether they are aware of or not, is commanded by Me. I therefore use your body to teach.
Firstly, let's explain why alcohol is harmful to your physical body. Your physical body is still like animal and needs to eat in order to live. When alcohol is ingested, it is absorbed into all internal organs of your body including the heart which is the main machine for life. It makes your heart work more than naturally, it pushes the whole cardio-vascular system to function excessively, and the lungs do not have enough time to purify dirty blood (to oxygenate blood) which will be accumulated in the whole body, intoxicate the living units leading to progressive sickness and finally to demise of the living units of the organs and then of your body. Many people had half of their body dead just because of alcohol.
Secondly, I explain why alcohol is harmful to your spirit.
I said that the soul forms your second body. It is the "khi" which surrounds your body like a mold. Its center is the brain, the gate by where your second body enters or gets out is the fontanelle on top of the head which is watched and protected by the Ho Phap. With meditation, there is unification of The "Tinh" and the "Khi" and the "Than" leading to enlightenment.
The brain is thus the origin of the "Khi." When dirty blood is accumulated in the brain, it becomes confused and your spirit is not clear  and calm to control the body. The body will lose its human personality and act like animals, and will have no hope to progress to the state of Genie, Saint, Immortal, and Buddha. At the same time, when the brain is confused, it becomes an open gate, the evil will take advantage to invade you and push you into crimes and subsequently into continuous reincarnation. Therefore, listen, I forbid you to drink alcohol!

TNHT 1972 p. 173

Year of the Earth Dragon (1928)

Children, your Master proclaims:


Why is lying forbidden?

I have said that I have set up a spirit in your physical body that protects your life.  Of course, you all know that this spirit is impartial and can communicate with the Genies, Saints, Immortals, Buddhas, and Superior Spirits of the Ngoc Hu Cung (Cabinet of God) and can record all of your good and bad deeds.  They then transmit this record to the Celestial Judgment Court.  All will be recorded  there, whether good or bad. 
(side note:  so this is like the akashic records of a soul)

Moreover, this holy spirit not only has a duty to protect you, but to educate you as well through what most human beings describe as the "conscience."  Thus, Confucian Saints have said: "One who despises people despises one's own heart.  God has determined that this is a crime from which there is no escape."  When you lie to people, you first lie to yourself, to your own conscience, and thus to your own spirit (which is a part of God).  As I said, this spirit will submit your every word to the Celestial Judgment Court--and even though you may never have acted on your words, you will be punished for them just the same, because the effect on the spirit (and therefore on God) will have been the same.  Therefore, at the Judgment Court, none of your words will be omitted.  This is why I have instructed you to be careful in your words and your virtues. You should be twice as careful in your speech as in your actions, because the punishment for morally wrong speech is the same as punishment for morally wrong actions.
It would be wise for you to remember this.

I take My leave.

TNHT 1972 p. 174


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