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March 22, 2005
Breathing Through Blockages
Healing With Breathwork

Breathing is the primary tool to get the process of healing work started; plus, it's cheap, it works, and is better than any drug or stimulant. Nonetheless, the breath is not the totality of the work. But it is worth further mentioning here. If anything, it is an active meditation that creates a space in a person's intellect to enable you to work deeply to their core. Breathing allows you to go to the depths of the feelings and into the subconscious.

As the breath stimulates energy in the body, the healer's job is to focus awareness into areas where the person is stuck, generally correlating to areas where their energy is stuck. The breath moves energy to those areas, right against the blocks. The energy from the breathing process raises the vibration by stimulating the hypothalamus gland (crown chakra) and then the body's lower chakras; the hypothalamus releases endorphins, which have a very high vibration. This vibration is an electrical current that moves through the nervous system and hits against the block. The block is usually fear or some sort of resistance stopping the energy flow. The breath keeps pressing energy against the block and this is where things get very intense.

With some people, continuing with the breath pushes energy through the block and they open up; more specifically, they open their hearts as energy turns to Spirit when the healing occurs. Others who are caused discomfort from the breath will try slowing the breath and giving in to the familiarity or comfort of the resistance. Both approaches bring awareness to the body, to the subconscious, the intellect, the emotions, and to the person. The most desired outcome is when the person opens up and releases the block. Powerful healing can also occur as the person gives in to the resistance. The outcome is slower, yet eventually the healing has a chance to occur.

The key is to get awareness into a person's conscious mind so that they can understand there is a block affecting their reality. The length of time it takes to change their reality is their own choice.


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